How much does insurance cost in washington state?

Each state has its own average, which may be more or less than the national average. To find cheap car insurance for seniors, drivers in their 60s need to make sure they're looking for the best rate. The following questions are frequently asked by drivers who are interested in learning more about car insurance rates in Washington. Drivers with a good driving record will generally pay less for car insurance than someone who had a DUI, speeding tickets, or an accident.

Washington is an at-fault state, meaning that the driver responsible for the collision is also responsible for paying the resulting expenses, either through their auto insurance provider or out of pocket. Drivers who are denied coverage in the voluntary marketplace due to an irregular driving history or other factors can apply for a policy through the Washington Auto Insurance Plan. We collect thousands of zip code rates from across Washington for eight of the state's largest insurers. Searching for cheap car insurance quotes with multiple insurers is the best way to find lower rates.

It's perfectly legal in Washington for insurance companies to use credit scores as a factor in determining car insurance rates. While having a bad credit score means you'll have to pay more, you can still find affordable insurance plans in Washington. See NerdWallet's guide to car insurance requirements by state for more information on how parts of your Washington auto policy work. Quotes for fully covered car insurance in Washington can vary significantly depending on where you live in the state.

Insurance companies will also consider homeownership when considering the rate you pay for insurance.

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